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2024 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications Technology and Computer Science

February 24-26, 2024 | Shenyang, China


February 28, 2023 —— ACCTCS 2023 has been held successfully. ACCTCS 2024 will start calling for papers soon.

September 30, 2022—— ACCTCS 2023 Conference Record Number: #58815.

January 15, 2022 —— Affected by epidemic situation and local control policies, all the presentations of ACCTCS 2022 need to be performed virtually. Please decide to choose live or video presentation in advance, and send an email to let us know your choice.

May 15, 2021—— ACCTCS 2022 Conference Record Number: #53867.

June 1, 2020——2021 Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications Technology and Computer Science (ACCTCS) has finished the registration in IEEE. Conference record number: 52002.

Call for Papers/ Manuscript

About ACCTCS 2024

2024 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications Technology and Computer Science (ACCTCS 2024) will take place in Shenyang, China during February 24-26, 2024. We are honored to welcome experts, researchers, professionals, innovators from academia and industrial circle to join the conference. ACCTCS 2024 aims to provide a high-quality forum for communications of research achievements, ideas and experience of application in all fields of communications technology and computer science. Participants can develop ideas, catch research directions, and accelerate the theoretical research, technology development, application and innovation in certain subjects.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Shenyang for this exciting academic event!

Dual Submissions

By submitting a manuscript to ACCTCS 2024, the authors assert that it has not been previously published in substantially similar form. Furthermore, no paper which contains significant overlap with the contributions of this paper either has been or will be submitted during the ACCTCS 2024 review period to either a journal or a conference. If there are any papers that may appear to the reviewers to violate this condition, then it is your responsibility to (1) cite these papers (preserving anonymity as well), (2) argue in the body of your paper why your ACCTCS paper is nontrivially different from these concurrent submissions, or (3) include anonymized versions of those papers in the supplemental material.

Keynote Speakers Learn More

Prof. M.K.A.Rahim

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Keynote Speech: Frequency and Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna using Metamaterial Structure

Prof. Dr. Sudan Jha

Chandigarh University, Punjab, India

Keynote Speech: AI trending: The impact of local data for global economy